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​Mission and Philosophy

"Our duty is not merely to teach the students how to play well, but also to make them more intelligent, more responsive, more diligent, and more conscious. We truly believe that the first stage of piano studies is the most important element in developing musicians. It's like planting a seed in the soil that could grow into a big tree or dry out and die in the ground." 

 Heinrich Neuhaus 

About me

​Started piano lessons at age 6

Attended special music school for 8 years

Graduated from musical college with bachelor degree

Graduated from Yekaterinburg state conservatory with

master degree in piano pedagogy.

Worked as piano teacher and accompanist in a music school for gifted children in Russia and Ukraine and as a private piano teacher in NY and NJ. 

Teaching music is my love and inspiration. I strongly believe that every person is born with a musical ability. Every person can distinguish soprano and baritone voices, sad and happy tunes, waltz and march rhythms. Music should be a vital part of a person’s education and of each child's upbringing and development. It will enrich every child intellectually and emotionally. 

Reading a book to a child or taking him or her to the theater, ballet, or museum does not mean that we are already planning his or her future in such fields. Our real goal is actually to introduce the beauty of the world through different aspects of art and to develop an appreciation and understanding of it.   
I love introducing music into a child's life and at the same time, seeing such excitement upon discovering the magic of creating music by one’s own hands. The way how music introduced is extremely important; like any other art, it has a language, structure, building materials, and colors. 
Simply knowing the alphabet does not mean that you can read; foremost, knowing how to read does not mean that you 'got' what the book meant to convey. I make sure that my students learn how to play MUSIC and not just read NOTES.

The best compliment I have ever received from a student is hearing, "What do you mean the lesson is over? We just started!" 

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